Monday, August 18, 2008

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

It certainly isn't news anymore in my circle of friends and co-workers (I couldn't stop talking about it). However, more people need to know. More people need to know just how toxic plastic bags are to the environment, more people need to know that there is an "island" in the Pacific Ocean (twice the size of Texas) mainly composed of plastic bags! The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Before I found out about the plastic bag island, I did what most Americans do everyday. I picked up my groceries in plastic bags, food delivery, my shopping bags, my leftovers, my trash bags you name it and I was carrying it in plastic! However, I couldn't believe that my everyday actions contributed to the growth of plastic island, the destruction of the surrounding water systems, the endangerment of animals...

So what are you supposed to carry all your goodies with? Well you don't need a plastic bag for that soda you're buying and you certainly don't need a plastic bag for that one toothbrush you're buying! Deny the plastic bag, tell it you don't need it, because most of the really don't.

And when in doubt....BYOB. Bring Your Own Bag. And if you don't have your trusty reusable bag, then please recycle that plastic bag. And please tie it in a knot so it doesn't fly off to be part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Good luck fellow green-minded world citizens! :)


Wendell7 said...

I fully agree with you. Ive been taking my own bags to the super market for a few years now and i have probobly saved hundreds of bags from being wasted. I just wish everyone would do their part; it could REALLY make a diffrence. Keep spreading the word.

Guidance Green Team said...

That's awesome, Wendell! You gave us an idea: count how many plastic bags we've saved by using cloth or reusable bags every time we go to the supermarket. I bet in a year Guidance Green members could reach a couple hundred bags saved!

Stay green,
Guidance Green